Chemistry Macros for Word for Windows

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The Chemistry Macros are a collection of Word for Windows macros. With them you can easily include chemical reaction equations in your text, because the usually burdensome process of formatting subscripts and superscripts will be done by the macros for you.

Overview of the macros

Frequently Asked Questions


Currently, you can download the versions for Word for Windows 6.0, Word 95 and Word 97. The latter one is supposed to work with Word 2000, too, but I cannot guarantee it. All of these contain much more exhaustive documentation.

I distribute the macros as shareware. That means you can download them now, check for yourself what they're worth, and if you decide to keep them, you pay me a modest amount.

  Word for Windows 6.0 (124 KB)
  Word for Windows 95 (167 KB)
  Word for Windows 97 (260 KB)

For the Windows 95 version you'll need an unzip utility that handles long filenames like Winzip 95.

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